Dark Christmas Story (updated)

Currently I am working on style concepts for several kids stories, one of which will be about a prideful king outlawing Christmas and everything it stands for. In the story, an old musician returns from a far away journey to bring back hope to the dark kingdom.


Three for a Girl

Baby Brinn was brought into this world little over a month ago, and the parents wanted a lively birth card inspired by the One for Sorrow nursery rhyme, which features magpies:

One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, Never to be told.


Pride and Prejudice

I created a poster for English Theatre Utrecht, who performed the classic story of Pride and Prejudice as a play last February. It is ETU's explicit goal to promote relations between Dutch people and expats through theatre, so the cast was very multinational - with me being a part of it as well.

And... if you were wondering: I played the role of the lovable Mr. Collins!


Hidden History

Metje mockup.jpg

Hidden History is a route for kids through Culemborg's old town currently in the works. The romanticized 17th century historical figure of Metje will be the face of this route, and act as a guide.

An energetic, young and lively character was called for, to stay as far away as possible from the stuffy old professor archetype - something that would instantly turn off the children from a historical walk like this. It was to be a scavenger hunt! An adventure!

For now, the character and promotional banner have been developed, with more coming next summer!


Angelo Boltini: This Town and previous work

Artist Angelo Boltini released his song This Town, for which I designed the artwork on very short notice. It was challenging, but I am very happy with the way it turned out in the end.

Over the years, I collaborated many times with Angelo to create artwork for his releases. Common themes in his work are finding and exploring a different reality beyond ours, and looking at the world in a different way - gaining new insights in the process.

Two covers I previously designed below.


The zealous warrior prince, the diplomat seer, and the paranoid occult researcher. Three characters from a Dungeons and Dragons game I wanted to visualize. In the end, I did not show these to the players, as I wanted them to keep their own imagination on the characters' appearances.

Save the Date card

The happy couple of Alex and Peter were to be married, with the wedding's theme being both stories and autumn. For the occasion, they asked me to design the Save the Date card, so people would remember to partake in this autumnal revelry.


Autumn Child Explorations

Sometimes a creative process leads you to weird places....

An early sketch in the search for a style and idea for Autumn Child's release "Wordless Poem for Fiona". This was explored in parallel with the concept of the distant woman, which ended up being the final album cover.


A climactic moment in the story of Fate: the zealot scientist Brahms is cornered in her hidden lab, confronted by the team of heroes. Sly and devious - she is shrouded in shadows still. 


Four faces of Fate

I gather once in a while with a group of friends to play the game of Fate, in which you tell a story together and act out the thoughts and actions of your characters. I illustrated my vision of the four main characters of our story: the revolutionary welder, the devious secret police officer, the slick rogue and the scheming socialite.