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Death on the Nile: Poster for a Play

The classic detective story Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie was to be adapted as a theatre play by English Theatre Utrecht, and I was asked for the design of the poster and digital banners.

Christie’s world famous detective Poirot of course stars in the adventure, alongside a host of colourful characters. In this particular adaptation Agatha Christie is also an actual character in the story - an interesting meta twist I very much wanted to work into the design. All other elements in the poster come forth from her imagination.

The story’s exotic setting is referenced to by the prominence of yellow in the designs - the colour of the sun and sand of Egypt. Of course, it is still a play about murder, so the tiny heads of the characters are accompanied by a gun, and among them are three huge bullets. This granted the poster a degree of intensity befitting a murder story. Death is around the corner.



Head Shots of the Cast

Hovering above Agatha’s head are the little heads of all the characters. Drawing these required constant coordinating with the director of the play, as the costumes and makeup were still very much in her head, for the most part.

It was my aim to make the faces very expressive and often exaggerated, to get across the myriad big characters in the play and make the ensemble look varied and interesting.