Dumping of drug waste

The illegal dumping of waste generated by producing drugs is a major problem in parts of the Netherlands, leading tot dangerous situations and pollution of the environment, The Province of North Brabant wanted to shed some light on the issue to explain the problems, and to indicate what to do should one find a dumping site. Two videos were produced by Creative Beards for this purpose, with me creating the design for both.


City of Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam's clean air initiative commissioned multiple animated video's to explain the effect their plans  would have on the city's infrastructure and car owners. The videos were made in collaboration with Creative Beards;  animation and design were created by me, and storyboard and concept were developed jointly.

Switch My Light

Switch My Light offers businesses a smooth and easy transition from traditional incandescent lighting to modern and environmentally friendly LED lighting. A short animated video was made to illustrate this process, and to point out some of the advantages of switching to LED.  The video was made in collaboration with Creative Beards.